Zehra Nur Olgun

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Zehra Nur OLGUN

Ben (2).jpg
M.Sc. Student
University of Science & Technology
HCI & Robotics

Research Assistant
Korea Institute of Science and Technology
Center for Robotics Research

Email : 517504@kist.re.kr
Office : International Cooperation Building L8221
Tel : +82-2-958-5627

Advisor: ChangHwan Kim

Research Interests

  • Robot Emotion Modeling
  • Robot Facial Expressions
  • Social Human-Robot Interaction
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Natural Language Processing


  • Computer Engineering, B.S., Bilkent University (2015)


Olgun, Zehra Nur & Chae, YuJung & Kim, ChangHwan. (2018). A System to Generate Robot Emotional Reaction for Robot-Human Communication. 383-387. 10.1109/URAI.2018.8441885.