Intelligence Architecture

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Project Outline

  • Research Period : 2015.12 ~ 2019.11 (4 years)
  • Supported by the Technology Innovation Program/the Ministry of Trade, industry & Energy

Introduction and Research Targets

  • We are studying an intelligent s/w architecture(ARBI) for service robot and making it as an open s/w platform, which means that anyone can use it for robot research.
  • As a core concept, we are trying to make the cognitive layer(deliberated layer) independent of any robot service and robot hardware.
  • Our developing s/w platform(ARBI) can be like this:
Sw platform.jpg

Developing Core Technologies

  • Agent-based architecture
  • Knowledge representation with ontology
  • Situation awareness agent
  • Task management agent
  • Independent cognitive(deliberated) layer
  • Robot behavior interface layer
  • Robot service interface layer
  • IoT and Cloud service interface layer